Integrated English Learning Programme

This programme provides opportunities for students to use English in various practical ways. It includes:

  • School-based reading and writing programmes
  • School-based interactive classroom activities
  • Online and offline reading programmes

  • For P1, we provide a bridging course for our students. It includes:

  • “Here We Go” adaptation programme (Classroom language and communication)
  • Revision on Basic English grammar and usage
  • Handwriting practice
  • Online and offline reading programmes

  • English activities at Chung Sing School

    In order to create a language-rich learning environment for our students, we organize plenty of English activities for them throughout the year.

    Students at Chung Sing take part in a variety of English activities actively. They enjoy fun English activities and games on English Fun Day and at different festivals. They also enjoy stage performances, broadcasting and cross curricular activities.

    Our Student English Ambassadors, Drama Club members and DJ Club members take an important role in promoting the use of English on campus. Students at all levels are encouraged to join various competitions to unleash their potentials.